My guard rails in my next and final relationship

I watched Andy Stanley’s series on guard rails. They are supposed to save you from falling over the edge. I want and need my next boyfriend to be the husband God has picked for me. So I’m establishing my guard rails now in order to not commit the same mistakes.

1. It must be clear, without any shadow of doubt, that God has picked him for me, and God has picked me for him, and the timing is right.

2.  Given this, we are EQUALLY YOKED in our beliefs about Jesus. We share the same faith and perspectives in how relationships, marriages and families should be raised.

3. He must LEAD me closer and closer to God through prayer and as seen in his lifestyle. He is not a pushover and I respect him.

4. He must be mature, committed and faithful to me at all times. But even more so, COMMITTED to following Jesus.

5. He must demonstrate integrity and strength.

6. I must be physically and intellectually attracted to him and this is something that he will put an effort to always keep me on the hook. He also PURSUES me romantically.

7. He must be wise because he asks for God’s WISDOM at all times. He manages finances well. He knows how to give to the Lord willingly, save and invest and when to spend. He has the desire and will PROVIDE for me and our family.

8. In spite of being my “ideal” man, he remains HUMBLE. He is humble in spite of his achievements and successes. He is not selfish in sharing what he knows or have but instead points everything back to the Lord.

9. He has self control over his temper, over his time, over his Sexual urges. Therefore he respects me as a person and as a woman entrusted by God to him.


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