1 Chronicles 16:12

Remember the wonders he has done.

Today, my goal was not to complain. Not even once. I failed miserably. It was also my goal to not ask God for anything but just be grateful. I failed also because I asked God for patience with my super slow computer. So I realized two things – I complain about everything to people around me, and I cannot help it but ask God for patience, self control, wisdom, simply because I cannot do things on my own.

With a grateful heart ♥ and a song of praise, I want to thank you Lord for these things:

– saving me from my sins and from my destiny in hell
– for a house in heaven waiting for me
-for the assurance of eternal life
-for being able to read the bible freely when I please
-for the relationship that I have with Jesus
-for the right to come boldly in prayer
-for the gift of life
-for my heart beating
-being in control of my life because I run a mess of it
-for your promises that are always true
-for who God is, he never lies and what he has said, will come true
-verses that pop out of my head
-plans that are good, perfect, pleasing
-you teach me the way I should go
-recovery from the first breakup
-recovery from my father’s death
-my spiritual growth and obedience in 2014
-for speaking to me through Facebook posts, verses and people
-pituitary gland tumor that disappeared though I still have the discharge
-worst hand sprain that worsened with therapy and improved with rest
-finding contentment and peace in Jesus
-providing for the medical care when I was hospitalized from hives
-my mom’s strength 💪 and will to live after my dad passed
-for her change of heart though still a work in progress, her improving patience and kindness
-for family’s support for me to grow spiritually
-annual trips abroad like 🗽 nyc, Chicago, Toronto, rocky Mountains, Vancouver, Japan, India,


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