Here Now


I’ve heard of this song so many times before. But tonight, I listened to the lyrics carefully. And it blew me away.

Here now, I know that you are here now. And that is not just figuratively speaking, we are in God’s presence though we do not physically see it. Maybe there are no goosebumps. But the truth is there. God is with me all the time, and I better love the people around me. I better do what pleases him and what honors him even if no one is looking.

I stare at my desk across the room and I realize that I cannot limit my imagination to seeing Jesus standing at the edge of my bed. No, God is in this place, he fills every nook and crack and corner. And even through every matter – solid, liquid, gas, plasma – he is in it yet not contained in it. That is a scary thought. A scary thought of how insignificant and small I am in the grand scheme of things. A scary thought of how God permeates all things and I can only be in one exact physical coordinate, at a specific time, never to go back again.

Faith makes a fool of what makes sense. But grace found my heart where logic ends. Yes, faith is foolish to say the least. Why trust in a God you cannot see, or a man who died historically 2000 years ago. And yet I believe, and there’s no logic to it. How i need a savior, or why I need to be accountable to someone greater than me. There are many things I do not understand, but if I understood them completely, it would no longer be called faith.


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