13 Ways to Pursue Humility

Undoubtedly, I consider myself one of the most arrogant people. I may not say it, but inside, there’s always the entitlement to be right. There’s always the feeling that I am better than you, and that of course is not true. I seem to always have an opinion on how things would be better if it were done my way.

Yes, I am a bit of a control freak and a planner. I feel accomplished when my plans are fulfilled without disruption. The opposite is true when things don’t go as planned because of someone else’s fault – I get annoyed, blame others, and get super stressed especially when there are deadlines involved.

Paul Tanchi shares these points:

  1. Listen better than you speak
  2. Shy away from things that feed your ego
  3. Submit to the accountability of a mentor
  4. Adapt your style of play in a team to accommodate the strengths of others
  5. Empower/launch those who will succeed you.
  6. Believe that the agendas of others are always more important than yours
  7. Get your hands dirty. Volunteer on humbling activities that you do not enjoy.
  8. Serve more in secret than in public and give others the credit.
  9. Repent when you are wrong.
  10.  Believe others have good motives. Yes, not everyone is out to get you.
  11. Do not have have too much (unrealistic) expectations on others. Love unconditionally.
  12. Serve joyfully. Heart check!
  13. Admit you’re proud.

Jesus demonstrated humility by washing the feet of his disciples, including that of his betrayer. It is imposible to be a leader without being a servant. Jesus says that the servant cannot be greater than the master. If Jesus, the greatest man who ever walked on earth, was the perfect example of humility, who am I to brag about anything?


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