I’m not a false teacher

I was preparing my presentation to teach our employees on how to read and study the Bible. I was sharing this to my sister and my mom over dinner and the only thing they said, especially my rude and tactless sister was: How are you going to teach? How do you know you will teach the right thing? There are so many false teachers.

I quickly replied: Of course I know what I’m going to teach because I know how to study the Bible. Are you saying that I am a false teacher?

She said: There are many cults.

At the back of my mind, I was thinking, “I have attended more services, Bible studies, dgroup meetings, fellowships, read more books, attended more retreats than you. My spiritual gifts are knowledge, wisdom and teaching. I see the need in the workplace and it is my responsibility to meet those need. I know God has called me to teach there. I see their hunger and they can learn so much more. I want to equip them so that they can study the Bible and become closer to God. How dare you tell me that I am not able. How dare you overstep God’s assignment for me. How dare call me a cult and a false teacher.”

I don’t feel any self-righteousness inside me, just the pain and insult of being told that I am not knowledgeable or Spirit-led to teach. To be called a false teacher or even a cult when I am so careful to study the Bible. On how I have been praying this for months, and how I prayed even before I started the slideshow. All the more has this incident reminded me that I am not even doing this to be applauded. I am doing this to meet the spiritual needs of the people – something she doesn’t understand.

I am reminded of James 3:1-2 “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

So thank you Erica for reminding me to be careful with what I share and not to be a false teacher. Thank you for reminding me to depend on the Holy Spirit alone and not on myself. And mostly, thank you for confirming to me that this desire is a selfless act to equip others and bring glory to God alone, that this desire is to see people have a deeper desire to know God and experience Him apart from their twice a month GLC calsses.



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