Rainbows and Carton Tray

“Look, a rainbow!”

That’s what I’d say to the person next to me whenever I see one.


The two birds reminded me of the raven and dove sent out by Noah. Photo taken from our roof deck.

Rainbows are beautiful. More than just the scientific phenomenon of light refracting due to water particles in the atmosphere, it is also God’s promise to every living creature that He will not destroy the world by flood ever again. Whenever I see rainbows, I  remember God’s covenant with me. I also get a gush of happy feeling knowing that God is romancing me through his creations. The list goes on from shooting stars, to full moons, to sunrise and sunsets.


Super bright rainbow, almost illuminating. It was so big that I couldn’t capture it from end to end.

This afternoon, I saw a double rainbow and was reminded of His covenant with me which is kind of like a memoryception (memory within a memory):

Two nights ago, I was walking alone to my car. The Saturday service has ended and I am riding and driving alone again. I wished that I had a boyfriend or husband who would get the car and drive me home, instead of me walking 40 meters, limping on my sprained ankle, darting my eyes left and right to make sure that no one is lurking around to grab and kill me. But God reminded me that night, “Let me take care of you. Just because you have someone with you doesn’t me you are safe. You are safe when you are with Me.”

When He said that to me, He also reminded me of my experience around 2 months ago. I drove from the church to ATC to buy vegetable and fruit smoothies for me and my mom. After getting the smoothies, I was walking alone in this small alley en route to my car. I told God, “Lord, I wish I had a boyfriend, then I wouldn’t have to carry this tray and walk alone.” When I reached my car, it didn’t unlock by itself as it should have. So I had to skim through my bag for the keys. I was holding the carton tray of smoothies on my left hand, and my bag on my right hand. I found a nearby rock to place down the tray. I finally got my doors unlocked. A security guard came to me, picked up the tray from the uneven rock, handed me the tray and closed the door for me. Mind you, that was a free parking area so there shouldn’t really be a guard wandering around. God told me that afternoon that I don’t need a spouse to open or close the door for me, He can send anyone to do that!

It’s so beautiful that God has been reminding me in the past days that He will (and has been) taking care of me. Even if I had a boyfriend or a husband or a friend by my side, it doesn’t follow that I am safe always. It is an unrealistic and weird expectation to think that my man would be by my side 24/7, and expect him to carry all my stuff, protect me from every bad guy, drive me around – he is human, he gets tired too and most of all, he isn’t omnipresent! But if God is with me 24/7, then He’s got everything covered. He is the perfect gentleman. He woos me with His love, reminds me of his romance, whether through random thoughts, a rainbow or a guard.

“Therefore I am now going to allure her;
    I will lead her into the wilderness
    and speak tenderly to her.”

– Hosea 2:14

To my husband, take your time to be molded by God. Though I really, really, REALLY want to admire rainbows and drink smoothies with you, God has me covered. While you do not have that privilege yet of opening doors and carrying my tray cartons, know that I am well taken care of by the God you also love. I hope you experience his love the same way.


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