Teaching in a dgroup

This morning, I read Ephesians 5:1 and the word “imitator” stood out.

So I decided that I will study this verse and meet with Nej and Joy this afternoon.

I spent the hours learning about what this verse means, researched on the web and on the Lexham Dictionary. But more than that, I prayed. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would just give me wisdom and knowledge in how I can dig deeper into this word, and guidance on how to share the lesson to the girls.

It was a blessing that I was able to engage the girls in this verse and that they really enjoyed the Bible Study. I had so much joy as well teaching especially on how one word can mean so many things.

The things I’ve learned from the workshop on facilitating were highly useful. I engaged them and asked them to read the verses in turn.

I pray that I remain humble in spite of what I know, depend on the Spirit always, and never tire of this higher calling that Jesus gave me. May i always find it a joy to teach and share what the Lord shares with me. And may the Lord always be enough for me.

Praise God for today! 😊😍


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