I Am Nothing!

I realize how, in trying to move on, I’ll overly puff myself up and think that I am a better catch, and it is his lost for leaving me. Sure, it makes me feel better – for a while.

But when I think about Jesus. Who am I? Am I really the best catch? I am nothing!

I am nothing but a sinner saved by grace. We both were created in His image, both loved. So why should I think of myself higher? Why should I think of myself better? When God sees us, we are all his creation, a good and pleasing work. The only thing I have is that I am favored because I am God’s daughter. But even that isn’t my own doing. Even the faith that I have is a gift from God. So what is there to brag about?

I have nothing, and I am nothing. There is nothing that I deserve, not even the breath that I breathe, not even the salvation that I have hold. And everything can be taken away from me as God pleases, except my salvation, which is the only thing that really matters in view of eternity.

Yield to God. That’s what I must do. Instead of acting with pride like I deserve something –  a godly man, a man to fight for me, money, travels, a good sleep. I deserve nothing. And this kind of perspective, of seeing myself in light of God, is truly humbling.


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