First Class Ticket

I realized this morning how much I have relied on my comforts.

One of the things that I was attracted to my ex was his family’s wealth. His dad drives a Benz. They always fly first class. They stay at five star hotels here and abroad. He wears designer clothes, (though he also wears tattered clothes for his pajamas). They give money to the beggars on the road. Dating him meant I was always picked up with an airconditioned car. We can always eat at fancy restaurants and hotels. My future was secure.

My family is a bit of an opposite. My mom is rich but we don’t own luxury cars. Our house is very big and located in an upscale neighborhood. She usually flies first class, but my sisters and I fly economy. We rarely stay in hotels, rather stay at rented homes. My mom is extremely generous. She gives money to those in need especially for medical reasons and advancing the gospel.

Being so used to a comfortable lifestyle, I wonder what will happen to me if God tells me to marry a godly man who is financially stable but not wealthy. What if our entire condo unit is the size of my room? What if we don’t ever own a car? What if I’d have to commute each time? I don’t know how to ride the jeepney. What if we just eat tuyo and kamote our entire lives? What if we can’t even afford an internet connection? How about my travels?

Then I considered two paths. Which is really more important for me? A rich or poor spiritual life? A man who would lead me to good, earthly pleasures, or a man who would lead me to heavenly, eternal treasures?

The truth is, all our earthly possessions can be stripped away from us in a blink. And without these wealth, what remains? A godly man stripped of everything, still has God.

Then I weighed which is more beautiful. An ok marriage with a comfortable life. Or a God-centered marriage with little earthly possessions. Since God designed marriage, He is the author of love, then it makes sense to marry someone for their relationship with God. That man would be pliable under God’s instruction. That man is accountable to the Lord. That man would love me as Christ loves the church. He’d have a model of what love should be. A man’s/woman’s character is something worth more than a first class ticket.

I imagine my GB telling me, I cannot promise you a comfortable life. Though I will always provide your needs. I promise you I will always lead you closer to Christ. I will always be the man God wants me to be. And I will always support you to be the woman God wants you to be. I will take care of my intimacy with God, so I can best take care of you. I will always honor you, love you, serve you, protect you, respect you. And I say these things because I am certain, by the grace of God, that I can do these things, because of my relationship with Him.

And to my GB, here’s what I promise you. I will submit to you, even when it’s difficult. I will try my very best not to nag you, and instead ask God to speak to you. I will support you even when your choices don’t always make sense. I will trust your judgment. I will let you be my man. I will let you take lead. I will be faithful to you. And I will nurture a home that you’d always look forward coming home to. You can always find a safe haven in my arms. A place where you can show your weaknesses and struggles and I will not judge you but help you rise up. I will be your helpmeet. And together we will be a powerful and purposeful couple for Jesus.


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