I have been coughing for over a week now. It has significantly tapered off thanks to my asthma medications. I am also taking antibiotics. But in the past three days, I’ve had intermittent fever. Last night, my temp was 38.8.

My mom told me to go to the ER instead of waiting another day for my pulmonologist. I am traveling next week and would really want to get better so that I can enjoy my vacation. So I’m here in the ER waiting room, probably going to stay here for three hours with no companion and no one to talk to.

I messaged Hope before coming here. I said that I’m going to the hospital alone, “huhuhahahuhuhaha #singleproblems“. There is a kind of loneliness that though you are well loved by family and friends, you still long for a boyfriend, a husband to be with you in times like these. Someone who could cheer you up, bring you a hot drink, hold your hand and hug you, lean on and relax on his shoulder. But then, though these are all nice to have, they are not necessary.

I am reminded that I am never alone. I think I am always comforted by the realization that Jesus and the Holy Spirit continuously intercedes on my behalf. And the Holy Spirit resides in me. That is actually more than enough. I mean how could God not be enough? He is immense and infinite and cannot be contained yet He resides in me.

Here’s to being single and alone in the emergency room but never really alone.


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