Good things and 11 Hugs

I praise you God for today. After he left me, nothing but good things have been happening in my spiritual life. Today, I finished Galatians. My girls are in Biblical Foundation 1, 2, Membership. Grace even brought her dad to attend BF1, Chartyne brought her boyfriend, Joy would have brought her sister too. 

I don’t deserve to serve You, or be used by You to cause ripple effects in my girls’ lives.

Even in the office, the employees are really appreciating the Bible studies. And it’s something that makes them happy in the workplace. And I am grateful that you would even care to make me useful in your kingdom. You are so faithful and good. In spite of these, I am nothing. And I will remember that I am nothing. I don’t deserve any of these.

This morning I asked You how can I serve you today. And I guess one way I served you was picking up the heavy books for the employees. Dren was kind enough to help me carry these. 

The truth is, I see Your hand moving behind the scenes. And that is a wonderful thing inspite of my pain. And the spiritual blessings just keep on growing and growing exponentially. I hope this continues and the ripple effect grows and those first impacted, will also impact other people.

Today I was sad over several things. Mia was mad at me. I was feeling his loss. I rehashed painful moments and shared these with Nej. I cried.  Asked for hugs. Hope said we need eleven hugs per day and I get 0. Today I got hugs from 4 people. Far from eleven but at least it’s not 0. 😛


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