Learned new insights tonight from Pastor Jonathan Bradford on marriage. He said that Christian men are not stepping up to approach Christian women and girls are dying to have Godly men to lead them in Godly relationships. How true.

It seems like everyone is waiting, and waiting some more. Instead of actively finding a mate. Or praying for one.

Gosh, the wait. How long should I wait if the man isn’t approaching me? If he’s too shy? If he’s afraid? Singles should be marrying off. Most people will get married, and a single who is already working for God’s kingdom and meets a helpmeet will be even more powerful for the ministry. So if I am of right age, growing spiritually, has a goal, financially stable, ready to be a mom, why the long wait? Could it be that it’s not yet time? But I feel like it’s time.

Yes, I am not completely over him. Yes, I am lonely at times. But I constantly surrender these to Christ. I will never be perfect. But I could I always strive for perfection. Would I be ok single my whole life? Yes. I mean what can I do if that is God’s will? But that isn’t my desire and I believe that my desire to get married is from the Lord’s.

Where are you GB? Pray for me, find me and step up please. I want to meet you and serve with you. I want to build a family with you. I want to raise Godly children with you. I want to be busy in God’s kingdom for you. I want to study the Bible with you. I want to learn from you. 

Somehow the whole concept of marriage changed tonight.

Tonight, I’ll pray for you.


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