Day 1. Pray for the Nation – Spiritual Awakening of Leaders

As I read Romans 9 and 10, I am reminded of Paul’s passion for those who have not heard of Christ yet. And I also saw how selfish my prayers are that all requests for myself.

He felt deep sorrow and unceasing anguish. Though he was persectured by the Jews, he loved them so much that he would rather be cut off from Christ if it meant that his brothers will be saved.

He also mentions that for people to come to salvation:

  1. Someone must go
  2. Someone must share
  3. Hearer must believe and call upon the name of the Lord (Romans 10:13)

With evangelism being the number one priority of my downline this 2017, I feel like this devo at the start of the year is even a stronger confirmation of our 2017 assignment.

I pray that I would have a heart for the lost and the same passion as Paul has. I hope that my heart wrenches in pain not for my broken past, but for the present people who are dying everyday without God. 

Romans 10:1 My heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.

Father, I ask that I desire this more than my personal requests. That I do not have a myopic and selfish view of the world. May I walk and reflect you in small and big actions. May I be able to preach the gospel clearly and as simple as it is. I pray for boldness and familiarity with the gospel. A heart for the lost that does not seek to win in logical arguments but to have a compassion for them. I pray that I see the reality of life, that eternity is at stake.


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