Day 2. Pray for God’s family. Pray and provide for the church.

Philippians 1:3-11 talks about how the Philippian church supported Paul in his ministries. Few chapters later, he mentions that the church of Philippi is the only church that supported him. Looking back in Acts, Lydia was a new convert who took care of Paul and Silas after they were beaten.

In this chapter, Paul also encouraged the church to continue in love and grow in knowledge in discernment. 

We can see two important things. First, it is our job to support the church selflessly so that gospel reaches other people. The Philippians supported Paul in his missions and as a result, the gospel was preached. Second, growth in Christ shouldn’t stop. A a church, we have to continue loving each other in real knowledge and discernment for the glory of Christ. That means we need to love based on Christ’s love.

It is a reminder for me that the money I give to God goes a long way in having the gospel heard. We all have parts in sharing the gospel, albeit some are called to be fulltime missionaries like Paul, some are like Lydia and the rest of the Philippians who through prayers and supplication, make the missions possible.


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