My dog bit me, again!

Things just seem to be falling apart today.

Last night, my dgroup did our first evangelism activity for the year and shared the gospel to four people. It was a joy and a revelation to know the common answer to the question, “Do you think you are a good person?” Everyone said yes. Then we shared how they compared to God’s standards and their need for Jesus.

The same night however, I got bit by Zorro or Cody or Lucas, I am not really sure who. He bit my left thumb and it bled. But what’s worse is that the bite damaged my cuticle and cracked my nail bed. It was so painful overnight and even until now (the next day at lunch time). The pain was kumikirot, and I wasn’t able to sleep. I even took Advil which barely alleviated the pain.

I also went to the dentist. My appointment was at 10 am, but I was called in past 10:30. I was planning to go RITM after my dentist but because I was called late, I couldn’t make it.

Last night as I lay down and tossed back and forth, I was grateful that I do not normally feel this intense pain in my entire body. I also prayed to God asking for healing. I said my foot has not been healed despite many prayers from many people, my heart isn’t healed either, then I am asking for another healing. Not a single prayer for healing is coming through.

So I am really discouraged today with physical pain piling up on my plate. I don’t know what to do because my wound seems to have pus developing and it’s really painful constantly. Though I also know that this is nothing compared to what Jesus experienced. I barely slept. And there are expectations from me. I need to be at the reg booth tonight, how am I supposed to carry stuff and entertain people with this painful thumb?

It’s strange how strong I can come across but with just a roller coaster of emotions, I’d be so discouraged and cry. And I know though, in moments like these, I wish I had a boyfriend, a husband who would comfort me and take care of me, bring me to the hospital, dress my wound. I know that God sees my pains both physically and emotionally and he has a purpose. His grace is sufficient.


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