Dear Nejjy,

As you read this, you have probably already arrived in Dumaguete where Jaja awaits her older sister. 

I wanted your last night in Manila spent with me because I am clingy. And though I have only planned to attend vesper with you, I thought of taking you out for dinner and bringing you back to where #AldubMolitoChapter all began.

I remember our first dgroup with Joy because I also blogged about it. I taught Ephesians 5:1 to both of you at Bo’s coffee after I ordered super dry chocolate and lemon muffins… grr.. 

Tonight, we come in full circle in the very same table where we first had our dgroup. Only this time we only went inside Bo’s Coffee to take our photo and not order anything hahaha.

Since March last year, I have seen you grow not just emotionally, spritually but also physically… hahaha. Love you. I am proud of you and even more grateful to God because He has allowed me to mentor you – even if I am very unworthy of this calling. I remember the nights when you don’t sleep because you are so addicted in studying the book of Daniel. Now you are so addicted in studying Leviticus, Deutoronomy, Numbers, while people asked me to pray for them because they find these books boring. (Also, sleep is for the weak). I watch you volunteer in ministries and not just take passive roles but really give your everything in it and be blessed by your leaders becaus of your servant heart (what is unliserve).

In a span of one year, I saw you become more prayerful, more faithful, more clingy, more generous, become more Christ-like, become more extrovert.. Thank you so much for being my accountability partner, prayer warrior and the person I discuss the Bible with. Thank you for crying on my behalf because I am so manhid.. thank you for never judging, for always listening, allowing me to rant. Thank you for being the only person who reads this blog. Hahahaha.

I thought about how relationships come and go and I pondered on our friendship/sisterhood. I realized that you may be far and time and busyness might pull us apart but the promise of heaven remains. Time is never enough when we are together but we have eternity together too because of Jesus. And that gives me comfort knowing that #MayForever (Please note, this is not a eulogy).

I am excited for what’s in store for you. I know your heart is for discipleship, church planting and evangelism and I know that God has a purpose for bringing you to Manila then changing your heart and putting that desire for you study Med. Please don’t forget to teach me micropara because I need to renew my scam medical license hahahaha. Thank you so much for consistently praying for my PM1, for talking with me til 2am in the morning, for cooking for us, for always lending a listening ear. I love you Nejjy.

So much has happened in one year, and though it’s heartbreaking for you to leave, I know your mission in life and I fully support you. I am proud, blessed, happy to be your discipler. 😍😍😍

You are an answered prayer to my faithful, available, teachable, servant-leader disciple request from God. Now go and make disciples (and plant CCF Duma)!!!

Love lots,

Assumera Rich


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