Dear God 

I just want to share with you what I want in our home. I want it to be small because it’s hard to clean a big one. But I want it clean and bright. 

  • A prayer room with two separate desks where my husband and I can have our quiet time 
  • An office or study room  where we can work and I can file our important government documents, medical records, books. Shelves with glass covers because books 📚 get dusty. A small pantry so we can drink tea, coffee 🍵 or salabat. 
  • A nursery which can be converted to a room when our kids grow
  • A classroom because I want to Home-school which can consequently be used as a crafts room for Joy and I ✂. I wish I can elaborate on what’s onside the classroom but I have zero idea on home-schooling. 😄
  • A garden with herbs because they are easy to grow and are useful. Bamboo because they grow fast and are almost impossible to kill. Trees because I love trees and orchids because I love orchids and all other flowers 💐 

    That’s it. Thank you for listening Father 😊


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