David and Bathsheba – From Peeking to Killing

How easy is it for a Christian to fall into sin?

Very easy. 

For David, it started with not joining his men for war, walking on his rooftop, seeing a beautiful woman bathing, sleeping with her, and eventually committing a murder.

David spins one lie after another to cover up his previous lie. By law, he should be killed for his adultery, instead he used his power and position to get away with it. He called Uriah to Jersulem to encourage him to sleep with his wife, even giving him a gift. When that did not work, he got him drunk, hoping he would go home to his wife. But that didn’t work either so he sends a letter to Joab, by the hand of Uriah, commanding Joab to put Uriah in a dangerous position to be killed.

It is important to note that Uriah was one of David’s mighty men. His father and grandfather were also influential people. David might have fought with Uriah in the past.

I believe there were even collateral damage from what David did. Joab made a “foolish” strategy and many people were killed so that the murder of Uriah would not be obvious. When the news of Uriah’s death came, David marries Bathsheba and does not even repent from what he did.

It seems that from the start, David has been walking with God and living out being a man after God’s heart, then his walk suddenly crashes and spins out of control. Up to this point, he was a king who had riches, territories, wives, children. He had peace from his enemies. He had renewed his covenant with God – then this.

No one can really tell when you’ll fall into sin so we should not always be watchful. And if we do, we should stop, repent and run back to God instead of trying to cover our dirty tracks. 


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