2017 Recap

2017 has been a pivotal.

Half of the year was spent at home because my mom and I didn’t have work , after our company was acquired. I still don’t know what I am supposed to do the rest of my life – or at least the next chapter. I am still praying for the next steps, but my heart is leaning towards social entrepreneurship, or something like urban agriculture that should ease poverty and be environmentally sustainable.

On April 7, he stepped up and laid down his intention for marriage. On June 7, I gave him a yes to courtship. On December 7, he told me he loves me with his eyes red from crying (we had a big fight).

The admin team has grown after much prayer, then it dwindled again as I struggled to intentionally build a relationship with each member. Conflicting schedules on Saturdays and the lack of initiatives both from me and the members have strained the initally growing ministry. And also my lack of firmness, I suppose. But I found a friend in Regine, who is so much like me.

Joy and Nej stepped up and have started discipling. And they couldn’t be happier, especially Joy who I feel is more like Ef with how she takes care of her group. Jamie, Grace, Chart have all stepped up in their ministries as well.

Here’s the view from my lounge seat at Belle Maison in Hoi An. But never really finished writing this until January 8, 2018. Hehe.


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