Dear God, Oh My I’m Old!

It’s an hour and 2 minutes before it’s officially midnight and I turn 28. I am an unemployed, single, living in the second floor of my mom’s house, waking up everyday at 8 or 9 am and getting down just to eat. Gosh! I live an (almost) unproductive life, career-wise. I honestly live this very comfortable life. Talk about being a full-time parasite.

There are many items I am grateful for my 27th year:

  • Our company was acquired so my mom was able to retire (and partly me too)
  • Graduated GLC 2 and will hopefully graduate GLC 3
  • Downlines started discipling
  • Investments that bared fruit
  • Best friend is moving to Singapore (bittersweet)
  • Became more visible in ministries
  • Growing dgroup though lost some
  • Family members are healthy
  • Dogs are also healthy but obese
  • Dating a godly and loving man who loves me deeply
  • Shared the gospel to many people with my dgroup

I feel so old but hoping that the next year will still be awesome and I get more opportunities to serve the Lord especially in my family. And also to be productive and settle down soon even if I don’t know or want to cook.

Sorry, so sleepy.


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