Day 6. Intercede for Family and Friends

Scriptures: Job 1:4-5, 42:2-17

Job interceded for his children by sacrificing a burnt offering after the feast. This was how righteous Job was – he asked for forgiveness in behalf of all his children as a precaution that they might have sinned.

God also told Job’s friends that He is not pleased with how they have slandered God’s name. God said that he will only accept the sacrifice of Job and his prayer on their behalf. Job was kind enough to seek forgiveness for them in spite of them insulting God and him. Job’s prayer was the only prayer acceptable to God.

Are my prayers acceptable to Him? It’s always a heart check, making sure I am not angry with anyone, and there are no idols in my heart.

I should intercede for people more especially when they ask me to pray for them. It has to be immediate. I have to be bolder with praying with people instead of praying in the quiet.